Only 1 1/2 hours flight from NYC 

Surveys performed by companies such as "Global Insight" and "National City Corp" show that in Memphis TN, 28% of the homes are priced low compared to the average family income in the city (the U.S. national average is 20%). More young families in Memphis are choosing to rent single family homes instead of buying. This raises the demand for rentals (48% vs the national average of 28%) and subsequently increases rent rates, something that has a direct positive impact on the returns for investors in rental properties. Homes in good neighborhoods are being snatched up by renters and property management companies have the privilege of filtering the demand and accepting only qualified tenants.

Memphis is the largest city in the state of Tennessee, the third largest city in the south-eastern U.S. and the eighteenth largest in the entire U.S.

Diverse Employment:
Memphis is home for a large number of international Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx, AutoZone, International Paper and Service Master as well as hundreds of companies in diverse industries. Memphis is a major player in the fields of engineering and medical research & development as a result of the influx of major research institutes, teaching hospitals and bio-tech companies which is turning Memphis into a medical hub in the U.S.  

The international logistics center of the U.S.
Because of Memphis' valuable strategic location on the Great Mississippi River, a junction of no less than 8 major waterways, Memphis has become the logistics center of Central U.S. Additionally, Memphis houses the largest international airport in the U.S. for product transport. Products from all over the world and the North American Continent pass through Memphis' sea and air ports. FedEx itself has hundreds of its jets entering and leaving Memphis on a daily basis.

Higher Education:
More institutes of higher education are located in Memphis than in any other city in Tennessee.

The city with the greatest property appreciation between 2016-2022 
– "Case Schiller Index" Moody's Case Schiller index, a subsidiary of Standard and Poors Inc. reported that between the years 2016-2022 property values in Memphis appreciated by 19.76%' unemployment dropped to 4.8% and continued to drop at an accelerated pace due to the creation of thousands of new jobs.
- "The hottest market to find real estate deals in the U.S."  U.S. News & World Report.
- While home prices are still below other large cities in the U.S., Memphis property values have been rising consistently for the past 6 years.
- The largest leading rail hub in the US. nd Warren Buffet recently chose to invest heavily in the Memphis rail network

- Recently, the state of Tennessee won the title of "state of the year" and has the greatest economic momentum in the U.S. This is Tennessee's second win of the prestigious title in the last five years. Tennessee and Texas are the first to win the title for the second time since they were founded in 2007. The title is based on parameters that include invested capital, and the creation of jobs, while growing the economic sector. The analysts point out that in the coming year 3.2 billion dollars will be invested in ventures of public companies such as Hankook Tire Co., Aramark, International Paper Co. and Nike.

Lastly, Memphis is the home of Graceland and Elvis!