Shlomo L. - CEO: No Worries / Carmi B. - VP IT: Safe investment

Shlomo L. - CEO: "No Worries"

"When we invest our hard earned money in today's unsure times, we expect and hopes to see our money appreciate in a secure and steady manner and invests conservatively.

I want to cover most if not all risks, by making sure I invest with a company that is available at all times, understanding of their business, so that all questions I have can be answered intelligently and with knowing that the background of the people I invest with is honest and they are looking out for me, their client.

I have felt all that since Day one, and heartily recommend this investment to all who look for a stable dividend return on their investment with great potential in appreciation value as well"

Shlomo L - CEO - Maaleh Adumim

Carmi B. - VP IT: Safe investment

"Good investments that exceeded my expectations. Most people promise a lot and deliver less.

With Gary, what he explained is what happened. He pointed out all possible issues, opportunities and risks and how to minimize them. What he explained is what actually happened and he has with me through the entire process. 

As a result I am very pleased with the results." 

Carmi B. - CEO - Jerusalem